The qualification process

The qualification process enables Terna to assess the suitability of suppliers with regard to observance of the law, economic, technical, and organisational soundness, and meeting the ethical, social, and environmental standards required by Terna’s policy as stated in its Code of Ethicsi, such as:

  •  the application of conditions regarding rules and pay that are not inferior to those provided for by collective bargaining agreements for the same kind of work;
  •  compliance with laws regarding environmental protection and occupational safety;
  •  the existence of documented procedures adopted for protection of the environment and the safety and health of the workforce.

 The purpose of monitoring, on the other hand, is to make sure that they maintain the required requisites over the entire three-year period during which the qualification is valid.

If suppliers fail to behave in accordance with the qualification requirements, they may be admonished or suspended temporarily from the register. In the most serious cases, deletion is provided for. In 2009, two suppliers were struck off the register, while five were suspended.

The entire supplier qualification process – from the initial approval to the monitoring of actual behaviour and the imposition of sanctions – is managed by the Supplier Qualification Committee, which consists of eleven top executives and an external and independent Chairman possessing proven legal and technical expertise.

To make supplier monitoring even more effective, in November 2009 Terna and the Italian Financial Police (Guardia di Finanza) signed a strategic agreement aimed at preventing the risk of criminal infiltration through companies executing contracts connected with the construction of infrastructure for the National Transmissioni Grid.

The procurement numbers

Categories qualified363635
Firms qualified over the year636074
Suppliers awarded contracts as of December 312,3081,8411,828

Procedures adopted for awarding contracts
(% of sums awarded)

European tenders57.576.965.0
Non-European tenders27.113.418.6
Without tender15.39.716.4