Energy consumption


The transmission of electric energy requires the direct consumption of energy only for a few auxiliary activities:

  • fuel for the Company’s vehicles, which are used to inspect lines, repair failures, and other work connected in particular with the maintenance of lines and stations;
  •  oil for its emergency generating units, which go into operation only if there is a lack of electricity – the normal source of powering equipment – precisely to ensure the control and restoration of the normal functioning of the electric system;
  •   oil and methane for heating, in particular for its offices.

Indirect energy consumption is the electric energy used in the operation of stations and other infrastructure (over 90% of the total) and in offices and laboratories/workshops.

 In 2009, the following increased:

  • fuel consumption (petrol and oil) because of the enlargement of the corporate vehicle fleet following the expansion of the Company’s grid; 
  • methane consumption, because the figure now includes all eight regional headquarters;
  • electricity consumption, because of an increase in the number of stations managed, as well as of an improved method of measurement.


   2009   2008   2007 
Direct consumption       
Petrol for vehicles  7,304   6,630   8,399 
Diesel for vehicles  78,401   67,855   67,189 
Methane for heating(2)    6,144   4,837   29,474 
Oil for generating units and heating   13,279   8,319   7,470 
Total direct consumption  105,129   87,641   112,532 
Indirect consumption        
Electric energy for stations and offices   633,600   540,000   540,000 
Total consumption  738,729   627,641   652,532 

(1) The data on direct consumption in tons and thousands of m3 are reported in detail in the tables of indicators. The parameters specified in the GRI - Global Reporting Initiative - G3 protocols were used to convert the volume of primary resources into gigajoules.

(2) The 2007 consumption of methane was estimated on the basis of partial information, which led to an excessive estimate.