Connection of plants using renewable energy

The main contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions comes from the connection of plants producing from renewable energy considered in the 2010 Developmenti Plan. Energy production from renewable sources has grown considerably in the last few years. In particular, wind generating plants have increased remarkably especially in the South of Italy and on the islands. In 2009, 30 new wind plants went into operation with a total of about 1,100 MW of installed power.

One of Terna’s most important tasks is to plan upgrades of the NTG in order to facilitate the production of electricity from renewable sources, trying to overcome any grid and operation restrictions that could condition the injection into the grid of such energy, which is entitled to dispatching priority.

In this regard, the work included by Terna in its 2010 Development Plan will free about 3,700 MW of power from wind energy, thus obtaining a reduction of about 3,500 thousand tons a year of CO2 emissions.

Category   Works  Power from renewable sources (MW)  
Grid upgrading indirectly functional
to the reduction of operating limitations
in dispatching generation that facilitates
production from renewable sources
that cannot be planned
380-kVi “Sorgente-Scilla-Rizziconi” line
and upgrading of the VHV grid in Sicily

Increase of the interconnection capacity
between Sardinia and the mainland
and between Sardinia and Corsica

  Reclassification of the 220-kV
“Rotonda-Tusciano-Monte Corvino” line to 380-kV
Work to upgrade and eliminate
congestion of HV grid segments
into which production from renewable
sources that cannot be planned
are injected directly
Upgrading of the transmission
grid in the Foggia-Benevento-Salerno area