Initiatives to reduce emissions


With regard to the reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions and the fight against global warming, Terna focuses on the following three voluntary programmes concerning the main sources of its emissions of greenhouse gases: 

  • a programme for containing SF6 leakage. Terna has started a number of initiatives, such as the early detection of leaks and the pursuit of technological solutions for increasing the tightness of equipment;
  • an energy-conservation programme focused mainly on a feasibility study regarding energy conservation in electric stations;
  • a programme to reduce the consumption per kilometre of the Company’s vehicle fleet, which in 2009 led to an 11.1% reduction of CO2 emissions per kilometre driven.

In 2009, two new initiatives to fight climate change started up. The first regards the neutralisation of CO2emissions connected with several corporate publications in 2010 (the house organ, Terna News, the annual financial report, and the present sustainability report). In all, about 18,000 square metres of land will be planted with trees, partly in Madagascar and partly in Rome, in the Aniene Park, in an area adjacent to Terna’s new main office.

The second one is a business initiative entrusted by Terna to its subsidiary SunTergrid.SunTergrid started to build and manage photovoltaic plants (with a total capacity of about 100MWp) on land without plants adjacent to transformation stations, leased from the Parent Company. The production of energy in 2009 was absolutely negligible and will become significant only beginning in 2010. The energy produced will be withdrawn and priced by GSE S.p.A., thus ensuring Terna’s complete neutrality with respect to the sale of the energy on the electricity market.