Electricity is used in electric stations to ensure the functioning of equipment and its remote control.
The main sources of consumption are:

  • or cooling power transformers;
  •  external lighting;
  • local conditioning plants with electrical equipment;
  •  auxiliary circuits for the command, control, and protection of equipment and machinery.

Although the energy consumed is only the minimum strictly necessary to ensure operating security, the pursuit of opportunities for conservation is in any case focused on:

  • systems with natural circulation and/or automated equipment that optimise the functioning of pumps and fans cooling transformers;
  • feasibility studies on lighting solutions that conserve energy with the use of LEDs and automatic systems for switching them on and off that are sensitive to light and capable of signaling anomalies;
  • installation of photovoltaic panels on station buildings to at least cover the consumption of the computers managing the plants.

It will be possible to measure the effects of the aforesaid initiatives only in the medium term, when the projects have reached a more advanced stage and more precise measures of station consumption are available.