Unless specified otherwise, the data and other information contained in the 2009 sustainability report regard the boundary that includes Terna S.p.A. and the companies that were consolidated by the direct method in the annual report as at and for the year ended December 31, 2009. In accordance with the GRI Boundary Protocol, the sustainability report includes all the companies on which Terna, directly or indirectly, exercises control. No relations exist with joint ventures, subsidiaries, and leased businesses that could significantly influence the comparability of the data or the boundary.

With respect to the 2008 sustainability report, the most important change with regard to the boundary stems from the sale of the equity interest – amounting to 66% of the share capital – in Terna Participações and Terna’s consequent definitive exit from Brazil in November 2009.

Therefore, with regard to all indicators, Italy is the boundary for Group data as of December 31, 2009. Unlike in previous years, there is no longer any distinction between indicators regarding the Group and others, regarding activities in Italy: all 2009 indicators are Group indicators. (For the 2008-2007 Group data, see the 2009 Sustainability Report.

The data were calculated precisely on the basis of the entries in Terna’s general accounting and other information systems. In cases where indicators are based on estimates, the procedure followed is specified.