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You can search for all the information on Terna’s sustainability through the browser menu. The topics are broken down in the four areas of responsibility – economic, environmental, social, and the electricity service – in a section dedicated to sustainability, and in one dedicated to a profile of Terna.  





Global Reporting Initiative

Terna’s Sustainability Report is drawn up according to the “Sustainability Reporting Guidelines & Electric Utilities Sector Supplement (EUSS)” of the GRI- Global Reporting Initiative, a widely used international standard of indicators.
You can browse the Report through the replies highlighted for each GRI indicator by entering the area dedicated to the Global Reporting Initiative.





Stakeholder paths

Terna has identified eight stakeholder categories that are most significant in terms of the continuity of the relationship and the importance of the Company’s impact on them and vice versa.   
You can browse this Report by following the path identified for each stakeholder category.