Sustainability in Terna

The internal campaign on the Code of Ethics and “Vote your value”
 Terna’s participation in the UN’s Global Compact

Responsibility for the electricity service

An agreement on security with the Ministry of Home Affairs
Critical situations for the electric system
 Development Plan and Strategic Environmental Assessment
 ENTSO-E: coordination among European TSOs
 Pylons of the future

Economic responsibility

 EEI International Utility Award: Terna the best in Europe
 An agreement for transparency in the award of contracts
The new Dispatching Service Market

Environmental responsibility

The integrated planning process
Sustainable development of the electric grid in Bussolengo and Verona
Renovation of the electricity networks of Turin and Rome
Electric and magnetic fields: the limits imposed by law
Low-environmental-impact supports
The Trino-Lacchiarella line
Agreement with the WWF
The “Molentargius-Saline” Park
The SA.PE.I.
Consumption of floodlight towers
A sustainable new head office
The 10X10 project
Pellegrina is back flying in Rome
A pact for the environment
Wind energy as a priority
Disposal of equipment containing oils with PCBs

Social responsibility

The management of generational change
The FiGi project - Engineering Faculty and Large Enterprises
Prevention of corruption: Terna among the best companies in the world
Terna Prize 02, in pursuit of a new aesthetics between topicality and sustainability


Italy-Montenegro: an interconnection that is strategic for Italy’s electric system