Institutions and Associations


Flavio Cattaneo – Sandro BondiThe strategic nature of Terna’s business makes it necessary for the Company to constantly discuss with both the national and local government, as well as local communities, to learn about the requests and requirements of institutions and individuals. The Company also constantly monitors both local and national legislative activity, accompanied by its presence at hearings, meetings, conferences, and forums.
During 2009, Terna’s top management participated in two parliamentary hearings, at the Senate: in April, as part of a fact-finding inquiry on renewable energy sources, with a contribution regarding investment in generation from such sources, and in July, as part of a fact-finding inquiry on prices along the supply chain of oil products, as well as the effects of the cost of electricity and gas on the incomes of families and the competitiveness of businesses, with particular regard to grid development to eliminate congestion and improve the quality and security of the electricity service. 
The top management also met with the institutional world in 2009 to discuss issues that are particularly important for the Company, such as investment in Italy, the works awaiting authorisation, and the problems caused by the uncertainty of when the authorisations will come through and thus the need to approve the works Italy urgently needs.

The discussions focused on Decree Law no. 78/09 on external administrators, new electric lines interconnecting with other countries, and the connection of generation from renewable sources.   

In accordance with the commitments undertaken in its Code of Ethicsi, Terna cooperates and discusses with and supports the work of the associations to which it belongs in order to contribute to the general improvement of the industry and its regulations and technical standards.