Internal communication

Terna recognises the essential role of internal communication in facilitating the exchange of information, fostering integration and teamwork, and speeding up processes. By now, the corporate intranet – the mechanism for the cascade dissemination of team briefings – and Terna News, the house organ, are consolidated instruments. Among the initiatives carried out in 2009, the following should be noted.

  • Celebrations of 25 and 35 years of service. After being suspended for many years, Terna started celebrating employees who have completed 25 and 35 years of service again. Chairman Luigi Roth participated in all the events to personally present the medals and thus highlight the importance to the Company of its human resources.
  • The “Welcome to viale Galbani” project.When the new head office on viale Galbani in Rome was inaugurated, the approximately 600 employees assigned to it were driven there and welcomed to the new building by a dedicated communication programme. 
  • A coordinated image of Terna. 2009 was also an important year from the point of view of the results obtained regarding the construction of the Company’s identity and image. In effect, the coordination of the visual instruments for internal and external use was completed. These constitute the “dress” in which the Company presents itself.
  • The second annual “CreativInTerna” internal photography and drawing competition. In 2009, the theme of the competition – which is dedicated to employees (photography) and their children (drawing) – was the “Transmission of Values”. The children’s drawing competition focused on the value of safety and the entrants were requested to conceive an imaginary character that would become Terna’s safety mascot. The winning drawing was inspired by turtles and will be used in all the Company’s initiatives on safety.
  • We:Me Meeting. Among other things, the fourth annual meeting of all of Terna’s senior and junior executives discussed questions regarding values, ethics, and sustainability.