Our people: the approach

Human resources play a crucial role in Terna’s business. It is people who have the distinctive technical, rare, or unique expertise in the field of electricity that enables Terna to perform its duties as well as possible, with a high level of professional competence and operating efficiency and to implement the Company’s strategy and achieve its objectives. Diligence in renewing these capabilities constitutes an essential element of Terna’s managerial approach to human resources. Just as important is another element: the concern for occupational safety required by operating activities characterised by particular risks, such as tasks performed at heights of many metres from the ground and maintenance work on high-voltage lines.

Over time, the importance of these aspects has led to an approach based on:

  • concern for the safety of employees and the prevention of injuries to them;
  • management and development systems  aimed at improving performance and developing individual capabilities;
  • investment in training to enable the Company and its employees to grow;
  • pay and welfare policies aimed at aligning individual performance with the Company’s goals and providing economic security for employees and their families;
  • a well-organised system of industrial relations  based on the involvement of the trade unions in numerous aspects of corporate life;
  • listening to employees through surveys of their opinions.
Servicers on job