Search and selection

Together with employee training, the hiring of new personnel constitutes the main instrument for ensuring the renewal and updating of the capabilities necessary to achieve the corporate mission. Managed by the Human Resource and Organisation Department, the process of searching for and selecting personnel includes maintaining relations with schools, universities, business schools, and employment offices. To facilitate finding the necessary professional capabilities, Terna has entered into agreements with more than twenty major Italian universities so as to be in contact with a large reservoir of supply, which is also useful for the requirements of its regional offices. The agreements provide a framework for post-graduate internships and other activities, such as the writing of theses on Terna or related subjects. In this way Terna begins a relationship with resources potentially interested in subsequent employment at the Company. In 2009, there were 12 internships (37 in the preceding two-year period).


Percentage figures200920082007
University degree18.017.015.8
Secondary-school diploma45.645.044.0
Vocational-school diploma17.017.017.2
Elementary-/middle-school diploma19.421.023.0

The main channel through which applicants are recruited is the special “Lavora con noi” section of Terna’s website,where whoever is interested can leave his or her CV and receive an automatic response regarding whether the application was filed correctly. In addition to online applications, Terna also examines the lists furnished by schools and universities and the applications collected during job meetings and career days. If necessary, employment offices are contacted and want ads are published in specialised magazines and on websites. 

Direct contact with students can make an important contribution to recruiting.

The methods and instruments of selection are diversified according to the kind (neo, junior, middle, or senior) and number of resources sought. In general, for the selection of recent secondary-school and university graduates the Company uses the assessment center, a set of tests aimed at ascertaining if the applicant meets the requirements in terms of motivation and behaviour, and interviews to check the level of technical and professional knowledge and capabilities. These interviews also involve the heads of the departments to which the newly hired will be assigned.  

In line with the Company’s policy of transparency and fairness in relations with its stakeholders, the selection process always ends with all the applicants being informed of the results, whether positive or negative.