Internal organisation

Particularly important from the sustainability point of view are:

  • the presence of a Corporate Security and Safety Department, which is entrusted with, among other things, risk management and the safeguard of the Company’s physical, human, and financial resources, as well as occupational safety. The Department comprises the Fraud Management unit, whose task is to prevent and, if need be, manage illegal actions performed by employees or by third parties to the detriment of the Company, as well as to assist the Internal Supervisory Body with the investigations and reporting system regarding the crimes provided for by Legislative Decree no. 231/2001;
  • the presence of a Corporate Social Responsibility unit in the External Relations and Communication Department;
  • the institution in 2009 of a Sustainability and Environmental Steering Committee, which consists of the heads of the departments that share responsibility of implementing sustainability projects and monitoring their impacts. In addition to coordinating initiatives, the steering committee is entrusted with the tasks of establishing the sustainability objectives and providing a link with the top management;
  • the presentation of the sustainability objectives and results when the sustainability report is approved.