Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility

Terna was one of the companies that set up the Foundation for the Developmenti of Entrepreneurship in January 2008. The Foundation continues the commitment shown for some time by Sodalitas to the dissemination of social responsibility and the promotion of discussion between businesses and the non-profit world. It is supported by 61 businesses, which represent 50% of the capitalisation of Borsa Italiana, the Italian stock market, and has 81 volunteer managers. Terna’s presence in this important network shows the Company’s recognised dedication regarding sustainability.

The Anima per il sociale nei valori d’impresa Association
At the beginning of 2020, Terna joined Anima per il sociale nei valori d’impresa (“Soul for society in business values”), a non-profit association founded in 2001 and promoted by the Unione degli Industriali e delle Imprese of Rome – a business association – which brings together managers and businesses that want to disseminate in their area a new entrepreneurial culture that is able to combine profit with the creation of well-being for the community.

CSR Manager Network Italia
Terna supports the activities of the CSR Manager Network Italia, the reference point for professionals, consultants, and university researchers who are involved in sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility through the professional contribution of its managers.

Fifth Show of social responsibility “From saying to doing” (Milan, September 29-30, 2009)

Terna participated in the Show by promoting a seminar on sustainable finance, during which an unpublished study by the Vigeo sustainability rating agency on the performance of the retail ethical fund market was presented and discussed.

Other activities
The dissemination of sustainability culture was the objective of the lectures given by Terna as part of the Laura Conti course for environmental journalists in Savona in November 2009 and the course on social responsibility held at the University of Rome in January 2010. In December 2009, Terna participated in a panel that presented Professor Antonio Cocozza’s book Persone, organizzazione, valori (“People, organisation, and values”), which has a chapter on “The challenge of social responsibility: the Terna case”.