Sustainability indices

Dow Jones Sustainability Index
On September 3, 2009, Terna was included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. The index selects the best performing companies (about 300) in terms of sustainability out of the 2,500 companies with the largest market capitalisation in the world. The assessment of the sustainability performance was carried out by the Sam-Sustainability Asset Management rating agency.

ASPI Eurozone
Since September 4, 2009 Terna has been included in the ASPI Eurozone index. The index selects the 120 sustainability leaders out of the 600 European companies with the largest market capitalisation. The assessment is made by the Vigeo rating agency.

Ethibel Sustainability Index Excellence
On September 18, 2009, Terna was included in the Ethibel Sustainability Index Excellence. The index contains 200 businesses that record above-average sustainability performances according to the analyses of the Vigeo sustainability rating agency and that have been screened by the Ethibel Forum, a panel of independent figures who are experts in different aspects of sustainability. Terna was also included in the Ethibel regis

FTSE4 Good 
In their semi-annual revisions of 2009 and of March 2010, Terna was confirmed in the FTSE4Goodi Global and FTSE4Good Europe indices, in which it has been present uninterruptedly since 2005. The FTSE4Good indices admit the companies already included in the basic indices FTSE All-World and Europe Developed that meet sustainability criteria developed by the EIRIS rating agency.

FTSE KLD Global Sustainability e Europe Sustainability
On October 1, 2007, Terna was included in the FTSE KLD Global Sustainability and Europe Sustainability indices. The KLD were the first indices to assess the non-financial performance of companies and still constitute one of the most widespread and reliable standards in the United States. The KLD rating agency’s assessment system is used for inclusion.

Since 2007, Terna has been included in the ECPI sustainability indices. The criteria of admission were developed by theE-Capital Partners rating agency.

Axia Ethical Index e Axia CSR Index
Terna is included in the Axia Ethical Index and the Axia CSR Index, which were created by the Axia Financial Research Merchant Bank. The admission assessment is carried out by Axia, which selects the companies included in the different basic indices that have a sustainability rating higher than pre-established thresholds.