Grid users

The Consultation Committee

During 2009, Terna continued to discuss with the electricity industry players through the User Consultation Committee.

The Committee is the technical consultation body set up in accordance with the Prime Minister’s Decree of May 11, 2004, which regulates the unification of grid ownership and operation. It constitutes the stable seat for consultation among the players of the electricity industry. In effect, it represents different categories, namely distributors, producers (from both conventional and other sources), large industrial customers, wholesalers, and consumers, with the participation as observers of the Authority for Electricity and Gas and the Ministry for Economic Developmenti.

The duties of the Committee consist in consultation, the proposal of changes in the regulations, and conciliation, because – upon request by the parties – it can facilitate the resolution of disputes that arise among grid users regarding the application of the rules of the Grid Code.

In order to satisfy the request made to Terna by the aforesaid Committee, in April 2009 a public seminar was held for the first time on the new Grid Development Plan and the state of its implementation. During the meeting, which was followed by open discussion, different issues were examined, such as the description of the main factors delaying completion of the authorisation procedures regarding the work planned.

The Committee was called on to express its opinion on the 2010 edition of the Development Plan for the National Transmissioni Grid – which was subsequently delivered to the Ministry for Economic Development on January 29, 2010 – with regard to both the new works planned and the definition of the Plan as a whole.

The Committee also took part in the consultations regarding changes and additions to the rules contained in Terna’s Grid Code (dispatching, the division of the grid into zones, technical documents etc.).