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The Demoskopea “City Journalists 2009” survey

Terna measures the quality of its media relations activity through the annual “City Journalists” survey conducted by Demoskopea.

The 2009 results show that Terna is one of the four companies that shared first place in terms of having improved their relations with the press the most in 2009 and is the only one that recorded an increase in its contacts with journalists.

In terms of quality, Terna’s press office ranks third in the energy industry, after the two largest Italian energy companies and climbed up 11 places with respect to 2008.

The survey was conducted in October 2009 through interviews based on a semi-structured questionnaire with 80 economic and financial journalists of the leading national dailies and periodicals, press agencies, and national television networks.

Sixteenth edition of the “Redattore Sociale” Seminar, Capodarco, November 27-29, 2009

A reference point for whoever is involved in information about social issues or the third sector, the Seminar was organised by the “Redattore Sociale” (Social Editor) press agency in the usual setting of the Capodarco Community, in the Marche. As a sponsor of the initiative, Terna was offered the possibility of organising a listening panel as part of the residential seminar. Six journalists participated, to whom the Company had sent a copy of its 2008 sustainability report. Numerous ideas were put forward, including the suggestion that Terna should find new languages to communicate its sustainability initiatives to a wider public.

Master in Corporate Social Responsibility, Catholic University of Milan

During 2009, Terna accepted the request of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan to submit its 2008 sustainability report for analysis by students in the Master’s programme in Corporate Social Responsibility organised by the ALTIS (School of Business and Society).

In December 2009, the students presented the results of their comparative analysis of the sustainability reports of Terna, SNAM, and REE (Red Electrica de España). Among the strong points noted by the students were the quantity of information discussed clearly in the 2008 report and the ease with which the interactive version could be used, while among the areas that needed improvement was the excessively rigorous graphics of the report intended as an instrument of communication.