The place where Terna and its suppliers usually meet is the “Procurement Portal”, the section of the Company’s institutional website through which suppliers can learn about calls for tenders, participate in tenders online, and go through the qualification procedure for being listed in the supplier register.

The Procurement and Tender Department also maintains direct contacts with suppliers to manage contractual relations and to learn more about specific issues regarding groups of suppliers. Thus, meetings with qualified companies or with trade associations to inform them about revised requirements or questions connected with ethical behaviour in the conduct of relations with Terna. In view of the work planned to develop and upgrade the grid, in December 2009 Terna presented and discussed with the electrical engineering companies in the energy industry – most of which belong to Confindustria ANIE – the new approach that will be required by the ambitious programme of works, which involves a significant increase in capital expenditure. Suppliers will have to make an even greater effort, transforming themselves from simple contractors into veritable technological partners. The new challenge is the global entrusting of works, in which the contractor will be involved right from the first stage of planning.