Sustainability results and objectives

2009 results


  • The importance of a responsible approach to stakeholders was highlighted when the Code of Ethicsi was distributed to all employees. Accompanied by cascaded presentations, the distribution allowed the Company to also explain the internal channels available for requests for clarification regarding ethics and for reporting violations. This campaign was supported by a participatory initiative on the subject of values, which will continue during 2010.
  • External communication regarding Terna’s sustainability issues was given a boost by a reduction in the time required to produce the 2008 sustainability report. In addition to providing information more promptly, this has allowed the report to be distributed to various categories of stakeholders
  • The updating of the sustainability section of the corporate website, was also important in terms of transparency and accessibility. In 2009, Lundquist, a specialised company that analyses the sustainability sections of the websites of the companies included in the S&P MIB, ranked Terna 4th in its classification (13th in 2008).
  • The essential importance of responsibility for the electricity service was confirmed by the good result obtained with respect to the targets established by the AEEG for 2009, which also led to an increase of €45 million according to the current incentive schemes. Of particular importance was the reduction in the volume of resources for dispatching procured on the electricity exchange, with positive effects on system costs and the bills of end users
  • As far as the environment is concerned, progress was made as scheduled on the projects in cooperation with the LIPU and the WWF which will produce the main results expected in 2010. The renewal of the Company’s vehicle fleet enabled it to reduce its CO2 emissions per kilometre by 11%. Finally, the Company completed a project regarding environmental accounting.
  • Terna’s commitment to occupational safety was shown in numerous initiatives  . Particular mention should be made of Safety Day and the beginning of organisational changes aimed at enhancing the supervision of worksites and the prevention of risks.
  • With regard to human resources, in 2009 the Global Performance System  was put into place. This is an instrument for assessing performance and identifying ways to enhance capabilities . Training involved more than 90% of all employees, with an accentuation of the transmission of knowledge thanks to the internal Campus faculty.
  • Through donations and sponsorships, Terna continued to support community initiatives , in accordance with the corporate giving policy adopted in 2009.

In 2009 and early 2010, Terna’s sustainability approach and performance also obtained numerous awards , among which the following stand out: inclusion in several sustainability indices  .

The objectives for 2010constitute further steps in the policies already adopted. Among the objectives summarised in the following table, the following should be noted in particular:

  • the presentation of the 2009 sustainability report inside the Company with dedicated meetings and the intensification of presentations to external stakeholders;
  • the enhancement of the sustainability section on the corporate website;
  • the completion of the initiatives with the LIPU and the WWF;
  • the acceleration of the program for reducing oils with PCBs;
  • the improvement in the recording of injuries to employees of contractors.


Sustainability in Terna: results and objectives

Area of responsibility Objectives 2009 Results 2009
Objectives 2010
Governance and general aspectsiCampaign to disseminate the Code of Ethics.

Cascaded presentations made to all employees.


Presentation of sustainability report to all Departments.

Meetings on 2008 sustainability report with additional stakeholder categories (with respect to 2008).2 meetings on 2008 sustainability report with media stakeholders and 1 with university stakeholders.


More meetings with stakeholders to present and discuss the report.
Improvement of sustainability section of Terna website.Sustainability section expanded with new content.


Increase content of sustainability section of website, in particular on electro-magnetic fields.
Sustainability report published
Sustainability report published
3 months earlier.


Sustainability report 2009 available
on website by mid-June.
Responsibility for the electricity service

Continuity indicator targets

Achievement of targets


RiAchievement of continuity indicator targets.

Security Plan progress on

Progress on Security Plan


Progress on Security Plan as scheduled.

Positive results with regard to AEEG incentives.

Positive result with regard to AEEG



Positive result with regard to AEEG incentives.

Economic responsibility

Company profitability.

Company profitability (1)


Company profitability.

Investment in grid development.

Investment in grid development (1)


Investment in grid development.

Transmissioni cost containment.

Transmission cost containment (1)


Transmission cost containment.

Environmental responsibility

Progress on project to contain CO2
(vehicle fleet) and SF6 emissions

Vehicle-fleet emissions of CO2 per
km reduced by 11.1%


Progress on project to contain incidence of SF6 emissions

New environmental expense accounting.

Environmental expense published
for first time in this report


New survey of line presence in protected areas, including TELAT lines. Acceleration of reduction of oils with PCBs between 50 and 500 ppm.

Progress on action plans
of agreements with LIPU and WWF.

Progress on action plans as scheduled.


Completion of initiatives in the oases included in the project with WWF

Social responsibility

Initiatives on safety awareness 

First Safety Day held


Improvement in recording injuries of employees of contractors and subcontractors.

Performance assessment with
Global Performance System.

GPS in place in 2009.


Definition of guidelines and rules for employee volunteer work.

Adoption of policy and procedures
on corporate giving.

Corporate giving policy approved
and implemented in system of
internal procedures.


Charitable initiatives/donations in accordance with
employee preferences (“Vote your value” project).

(Legend: ○○○ Objective achieved; ○○ Partly achieved; Deferred or suspended).

(1) The result achieved corresponds to a performance in line with the objectives approved by the Board of Directors for the Strategic Plan presented annually to financial analysts