ENTSO-E: coordination among European TSOs

The ENTSO-E, a voluntary organisation set up by 42 European Transmissioni System Operators, has been in operation since July 1, 2009. Previously, its tasks had been performed by separate associations: ATSOI, BALTSO, NORDEL, UCTE, and UKTSOA. The new organisation was founded to implement the provisions of the Third Energy Package, which was published on August 14, 2009 in the Official Gazette of the European Union and contains prescriptions that modify the current EU regulatory framework of the European energy market, with the objective of strengthening its integration.
In 2011, membership in the Association, as well as the latter’s mandate, will become obligatory for all TSOs.

The tasks of the ENTSO-E include the elaboration of market grid codes on trans- border questions and market integration, with particular regard to:


  • grid security and reliability;
  • the connection of third parties, and their access, to the transmission grid;
  • data exchange;
  • grid interoperability;
  • operating procedures in emergencies;
  • the assignment of transport capacity and congestion management;
  • balancing rules;
  • transparency rules;
  • the harmonisation of transmission rate structures and inter-TSO compensation;
  • grid energy efficiency.

In addition to the grid and market codes, the ENTSO-E will prepare on the adequacy and security of the European electric system for the summer and winter periods, as well as a ten-year plan for developing the European transmission system. The objective is to promote coordinated planning of the latter in order to schedule investment and keep the developments of grid capacities under control. This will make it possible to promptly discover gaps, especially with regard to trans-border capacities.

The ENTSO-E is also entrusted with research and innovation activities of common interest among TSOs.